Details about your purchase

Changing the strap

When you buy something in the shop, make sure to check if your desired model is offered with quick-release straps.

Befor changing the strap, take a moment to think about where the buckle is supposed to go. (it needs to be on top, at 12 o'clock)

Quick-release straps have a small lever on the backside. Use your fingernail do move it inwards. If you do so, the strap will detach from the case. This way, you can remove the strap in seconds in order to place a different one. 

The Replacement strap just has to be inserted in the same way that you removed the old one, but backwards. The spring bar needs to click into the designated holes on the side.

Adjusting the milanaise-strap

If you want to tighten or loosen your milanaise-strap, place the watch on a flat surface, dial up. If you look at the underside of the buckle closely, you will see a small metal component with an arrow stamped on it. 

Insert a narrow object the small detent below (such as a small screwdriver or a nail file) and twist it carefully until this part of the buckle opens. You can now place the buckle on the strap in order to change the size. Once you are done, just press it closed. 

Choosing Case diameter and strap length

Everybody has his or her own taste - we do not want to dictate anything. Our advice is only based on our own experience. Generally we say: 


The 36mm case is usually a popular choice for ladies. This way one ensures that the watch will never be too large and look over the side of the wrist. This also applies to guys with slim wrist. 


The 40mm case has the same principle - Guys tend to buy the larger version. 


The shorter strap is useful for people who would describe their wrists as 'slim'. 

Note: The shorter strap is not available with the quick-release feature. 

The shorter strap fits wider wrists. This applies to men and women alike. Some people also like to wear their Martin WIlliams loosely. 



Sizes are difficult to describe over the internet. We propose that you base your decision on the descriptions above our with our size-guide below. Just download it and print it out, then follow the instructions. (DIN A4 Page, PDF, 100%). This way you will know for sure which size fits you best. 

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